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  • The Stages of Sleep

    The Stages of Sleep

    Did you know there are stages of sleep? Although most of us know about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, comprehending our sleep cycles will help us understand our bodies and the rest we need. Every night when we drift off to sleep our bodies begin a sleep cycle. Each stage and cycle […]

  • Improve your Sleep Routine with these 5 Tips

    Improve your Sleep Routine with these 5 Tips

    Did you know that sleep is extremely important for your overall health? If you’re constantly depriving your body of the sleep it needs, whether it’s voluntarily or involuntarily, you’ll be sure to experience multiple complications that will impact your daily performance. Without sufficient rest, you’ll constantly be fighting a lack of energy and fatigue. Problems […]

  • Get a Better Nights’ Sleep with Exercise

    Get a Better Nights’ Sleep with Exercise

    Did you know that exercise has a significant impact on your ability to sleep? In fact, exercising on a daily basis can help boost your ability to get a full night’s rest by improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and helping to manage sleep disorders. Our Encinitas dentist elaborates on the sleep benefits of exercise. The […]

  • Smile – It’s Good For You

    Smile – It’s Good For You

    Smiling is really good for you. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that smiling makes you more attractive. And you might not be surprised to learn that smiling can make you happier. But here’s a really amazing thing about smiling–it can actually make you healthier. You see, when you smile it causes your brain to release […]

  • The Hidden Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

    The Hidden Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

    Did you know getting sufficient rest every night has hidden benefits? While many of us often neglect sleep due to a heavy workload, stress, or bad habits, not getting enough sleep every night can have a lasting impact on our health. However, sleeping the right amount of hours every night can reap multiple benefits, leaving […]

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